Programming and
Design by
Jens Schöbel
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What's my current passion?

Fast-R - a WebGL racing game in your browser (in Progress)

Unreal Tournament - Level Design

Unreal Confrontation - Grand Finalist in the MSUC (Unreal 2004 matinee)
The Lost Set - The eighth set, that did not appear in the matinee
BR-Ansturm - Bombing Run map for Unreal 2004 (playable but uncompleted)

The Movies

Six Eyes - an award winning machinima made with ''The Movies''
Contest Wallpaper - Wallpaper made for a contest

Unreal Tournament - The New UnrealEd

UnrealMover - funny little level to play with Kismet
Simple Hallway - the first steps in the new UnrealEd - good but not perfect

Unreal Tournament - The Academic View

Angkor Temples in Realtime - a feasibility study


During my work as a webdesigner and programmer I learned different concepts of content visualization. The following links do not exclusively refer to gamesites but represent a small sample of my design skills.

The Movies - Machinima Presentation
Bakanida City - my browsergame
Unreal Tournament 2004 - Tutorial Overview
White Chestnut - obedience school (in constuction)
... and not to forget: my own page

2D Graphics

Tiled Wall Textures - Part one
Tiled Wall Textures - Part two


Bakanida City

The New UnrealEd: UnrealMover

While learning how to use the new Kismet and Matinee Tools I came up with a funny idea that makes extensive use of Kismet. Kismet is the scripting tool for the Unreal Engine 3 that ships with the editor.

The final map is simple but uses Kismet and a lot of Matinee sequences to move a marker on a wall. The player can move the marker up and down or he can choose to let the marker seek a random position. The pictures show the level and a small part of the Kismet scripts.
By the way: The red arrows will not appear in the game.

ued4_kismet_editor ued4_kismet_ingame ue4_UnrealMover_longKismet

UnrealMover (71.9 kB - 7z)

The New UnrealEd: First Steps

The first steps in the new editor are completely the same as in the old UEd 3.0. I show you some pictures of a simple hallway made with ingame assests. The tools changed a little bit but not too much. Everything is a little bit easier and faster to access. If you are fimilar with the old editors you will realize how the new editor has grown up.

ued4_editor ued4_ingame_pic ued4_ingame_pic

Tiled Wall Textures - Part one

Below you can find some thumbnails of wall textures I generated. Due to limited webspace I can't show the full sized version. I used the jpg format in a very low quality. If you want to use some of these textures in your own project feel free to contact me. The release package contains the textures in 1024 pixels. The release version also includes the according bumpmaps. All of the textures are tiled.

wall_002 wall_003 wall_004

Tiled Wall Textures - Part two

wall_001_r wall_001 wall_001_l

Six Eyes - a machinima made with ''The Movies''

Six Eyes - Trailer (20.8 MB - WM9 640 x 480)

At the beginning of 2006 the German games magazine PCGames had announced a machinima contest. The task was to produce a shortfilm with the game The Movies. The little machinima won the 3rd Place.

There also is a presentation of the movie. But be aware: this presentation is in German only.

The Movies - Contest Wallpaper

Lionhead the makers of The Movies announced a design contest in the beginning of 2006. The task was to create a wallpaper for the game. The rules were very simple and so I started to make my own wallpaper. The final result you can see below.

The Movies contest wallpaper