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22th July 2019 - Silverstone Racetrack in 3D

I made a visualisation of the Silverstone racetrack with Babylon.js 4.0 It's a fun project of mine that allows you to interactivly experience the racetrack.
WebGL Silverstone Racetrack (new tab)

Drag to rotate.

6th July 2019 - Bodensee in 3D

See the terrain of the Bodensee in realtime in your browser in WebGL.
WebGL Bodensee visialisation (new tab)

1st January 2019 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year !!! smile

1st January 2018 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year !!! smile

21st December 2017 - Released Konnectore

I released my new game Konnectore on Kongregate. It's a small puzzle game to train your brain smile.

22nd September 2017 - Release Starback: Planetdestroyer - Redux

I'm still working on a prototype for a new game. But meanwhile I released Starback: Planetdestroyer - Redux (the monetized version of Starback: Planetdestroyer) on kongregate.

17th July 2017 - A Schnapszahl for Starback: Planetdestroyer

55,555 plays on Kongregate for Starback: Planetdestroyer. In German this is called a Schnapszahl.

1st June 2017 - Release Starback: Planetdestroyer

My onw business starts today - am I an indie game developer now? Well I work independent but have learned a lot on AAA Game Development. So, maybe not sooooo much indie here. I've the freedom to do my own creative stuff - this seems indie.

I guess in the end I'm something in between. Enough words now. It's time to start prototyping the next game.

28th February 2017 - Becoming an Accountant

I'm attending an accounting course since I'm planing to start my own business this year.

23 January 2017 - Release Starback: Planetdestroyer

I released my new game Starback: Planetdestroyer. I gave it slightly different name and created a completely new framework. For this game development project I took the freedom of using and learning new programming skills in Javascript.

1st January 2017 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year !!! smile

3rd August 2016 - Release Transistor: The Puzzle

I released my new game Transistor: The Puzzle on Kongregate. It is exactly that a small puzzle game to train your brain smile.

13th June 2016 - A web framework for my games

I'm working several month on a small framework for my games now. This gives me the freedom to develop things my way. Learn new skills and prototype my next game. Creativity is sparkling smile.

1st January 2016 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year !!! smile

24th November 2015 - Released Starback: Planetdestoyer

Passion and creativity is what drives me. There is always time for a little side project I released my first game on Kongregate. Apart form that there aren't too much more news. My director's job keeps me quite busy.

1st May 2015 - A growing game

Our AAA games studio is growing. We have more than 50 developers now. My programmers team is growing as well. I'm responsible for 17 very passionate programmer. I love you guys keep up the good work smile. I also got promoted to Development Director.

1st January 2015 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year !!! smile

1st November 2014 - New Job

I've a new job as Lead Game Developer in the AAA Games branch of Goodgame Studios in Hamburg, Germany.

12th August 2014 - GDC Europe Talk

I held m talk about prototyping at GDC. You find the video at GDC Vault.

13th May 2014 - Technical Direction Booklist

I updated my Links Section. There you find a booklist for Technical Direction now.

21st April 2014 - GDC Europe Talk submission

Today I submitted my Talk How to use your game prototype for resource management to the GDC Europe advisory board.

1st January 2014 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year !!! After one year of sabatical smile.

1st January 2013 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year !!!

4th Dezember 2012 - Project: Artipy's Progress (Usertesting)

I'm starting some usertests. I want to test if Artipy is seen in the correct light. smile

7th August 2012 - Project: Artipy's Progress (New Design)

Working hard pays off after a while. I rebooted the design with the help of one of my students (Sergej). I like the design he did and the coding is up to me. ... Well this coding took me a while. :)

Chech out the new design at Artipy on Facebook.

2nd May 2012 - Basi HTML Tutorial for my students

Artipy on Facebook Basic HTML Programming

26th March 2012 - My new Project: Artipy

Artipy is an interactive presentation service for 3D game artists. It brings together the ones who create 3D assets and the one who need 3D assets.
Artipy itself
Artipy on Facebook
Artipy on Twitter

1st January 2012 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year !!!

1st October 2011 - I'm a guest professor

Besides Crytek I'm working as a guest professor at the University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt. My responsibility consists of teaching the student the basics of WebGL and coaching their semester projects.
Thats quite cool work.

14th June 2011 - Metropolis City is alpha

My own game is alpha now.
Metropolis City - German Version
Metropolis City - English Version

21st May 2011 - We moved into our new office

Crytek has a new office and thats pretty cool since it is an office building where only bankers work. ... apart from us. And thats fucking cool. Imagine all the guys with suits vs. all the nerdy gamers. Ahh I like to be a gamer. smile

24th March 2011 - Crysis 2 is out

What more should I say: We released Crysis 2.

26th January 2011 - Metropolis City: Debut Trailer

I released the first trailer for Metropolis City. Watch the Metropolis City: Debut Trailer.

5th January 2011 - Metropolis City

I started a new game project. I call it Metropolis City and it features a huge tarrain. Imagine the good old Sim City in a browser.

1st January 2011 - Happy New Year


28th November 2010 - VanishG

I made my own little game called VanishG. Its quite simple to play: click every item black. VanishG it is completely playable in a browser. Just click the link and enjoy.

06th November 2010 - Browsergames Forum in Offenbach

I attended the BGF 2010. Germany is THE browsergame development country and I've to admit we are getting much more professional.

16th October 2010 - Crytek at Nem 2010

The NEM summit 2010 was interesting. It was about all types of media. But only two gaming companies were there: Crytek and Funcom (the guys behind Age of Conan).

I learned there two important things:

  1. The „ordinary” business doesn't know to much about gaming. One chairman approached me and asked: „Is Crytek a three man company or is it big?”
  2. Even if Crytek has 700 Employees worldwide. We are a small business compared to all the other companies like France Telekom, Oracle, Orange ...

17th August 2010 - AAA Stereo Talk overbooked

We gave our presentatin today and it was fantastic. One hundred people had a seat. 20 were sitting on the floor and 50 couldn't come in since the room was full.

10th August 2010 - One of the reasons

That's one of the reasons why I got a job at Crytek: Trailer - Six Eyes.

8th August 2010 - I'm on youtube

I started my own youtube channel: THEJulietteSierra on Youtube.

2nd August 2010 - I'm talking at GDC Europe

... about AAA Stereo 3D in Crysis 2 and our CryEngine.

11th May 2010 - After FMX2010

... I was pleasantly surprised to see Jens' fresh approach. In addition to his demonstrated enthusiasm for stereoscopic 3D, he expressed the important point that everyone else missed: the fact that S-3D gaming represents a new method for basic communication. Read more at

7th May 2010 - Great Talk at FMX2010

I gave my talk at fmx today. I like it, it was a great talk about stereoscopic 3D. I got a lot of positive feedback.

5th April 2010 - HGSFP Programming Course

I updated the tutorial section with the tutorial for the Heidelberg Graduate School of Fundamental Physics.

5th March 2010 - Crytek at GDC

Today I finished the 3D stereoscopic content for the GDC. I really like S-3D. It seems I'm becomming an expert on this. smile

Right now I am not allowed to show you anything about this. So wait after the GDC and I'll share some of my stereoscopic knowledge.

4th February 2010 - Programming Lecture

The HGSFP announced I will hold a programming lecture for the Graddays.

1st January 2010 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year !!!

30th December 2009 - My Workplaces

Check out the new jobs section.

5th December 2009 - Happy Birthday Crytek

10 years Crytek

With a big 10th anniversary party Crytek celebrated a birthday with ALL its employees at the Capitol in Offenbach.

29th November 2009 - Link Section Update

Thats all: just updated in the links section.

28th November 2009 - Cutting edge technology

This week we had our first Crytek Tech Summit. Lots of developers met here in Frankfurt to share its knowledge by listening or holding talks about different topics. The talks were about coding, art, design, management and so on. It was fantastic since I learned lots of new things.

15th October 2009 - A Child is born (Part 3)

A huge bunch of work is done. We announced CryEngine 3.
... and our CryEngine 3 homepage went down. Why it went down? Because everybody wanted to access the page and wanted to see the latest engine.

9th August 2009 - After SIGGRAPH 2009

SIGGRAPH 2009 is over and Nicolas showed its implementation of the 3d stereoscopic rendering. I really love to work in „real” 3D.

16th June 2009 - I realy enjoy working for Crytek

... and thats definitely not only because of the INDIVIDUAL EDITION I got from Crytek. smile

Individual Edition for Jens Schöbel

2nd June 2009 - We are working on Crysis 2

Everybody with some brain logic would have forseen this. But now I can scream it aloud.

We Are Working On Crysis 2 !!

22nd April 2009 - University Lecturer at Hochschule Darmstadt

Today I'll hold my first lecture course at the University Of Applied Sience in Darmstadt.

I am very excited and if you like you can read the press release of this cooperation. But be aware it is in German.

6th April 2009 - Practice Programming

Since a while I'm programming a homepage for my mum. I learned a lot of new techniques and I'm proud to show you her obedience school for dogs homepage.

5th January 2009 - Promotion to Technical Designer

My knowledge in programming helped me to get a promotion to a Technical Designer here at Crytek. Since I am capable of understanding the terminology of both level design and programming thats the perfect job for me.

1st January 2009 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year !!!

1st October 2008 - Level designer at Crytek

My knowledge in level design helped me to get a job at Crytek. Crytek is a young but very fast growing game development company. It got a lot of international prices for the stunngig visuals they created.

Now I am very excited to make „killer quality games”. smile

16th September 2008 - My Exams: Final Part

Yeehaa, I made it. smile
The last test is over and I finished my degree as a Diplom Mathematiker. Thats the german degree similar to a Master of science in Mathematics.

28th July 2008 - My Exams: Part III


09th July 2008 - Portfolio Update

I updated the portfolio and added two classes for PHP, jsNumExp and jsErrorLogger. Please check it out at the portfolio section.

27th June 2008 - Making Games Talents

This conference tried to focus on a small group of future delvelopers. I met a fistful of german professional game developers, with whom I had the possibility to speak about me and my references.

24th June 2008 - My Exams: Part II

What should I write? Maybe: I got a very good, again.
This time the exam was about ordinary differential equation, discrete optimization and nonlinear optimization.

26th May 2008 - GAMEplaces International 2008

I visited the GAMEplaces in Frankfurt, a conference from international game developers for a broad audience: producers of games and people that want to become producers.

8th May 2008 - My Exams: Part I

Learning pays off: For the first test of my exams I got a very good.

9th April 2008 - Make Something Unreal

Epic and Intel announced the next Make Somthing Unreal Contest. The press release is from the 3rd April, but I read it today.

... and now guess who will make a map for the contest. smile

29th March 2008 - UnrealMover

Kismet - the Scripting Tool that ships with the Unreal Editor - is besides Matinee a realy cool and powerfull tool. I mad a funny map that uses a lot af Matinee and Kismet. Please have a look.

18th March 2008 - The New UnrealEd

I want to show you how my experience with the new UnrealEd will evolve. Beside all my other activities I'll show the process off learning in pictures from the new editor. I start with a simple hallway.

29th February 2008 - More Textures added

I added four more tiled textures to the games section.

27th February 2008 - Textures added

I added three tiled textures to the games section.

14th February 2008 - The Half of a Birthday

Today my little doughter is exactly six month old. And she is the reason why I did not worked on any game project the last month. But actually I will NEVER blame her for this. Hey guys out there:

It's great to be a father.

Why I'm saying this? It's Valentine's Day!! smile

14th February 2008 - Lost and found

At the end of January we - the trampolin group of the University of Heidelberg - were organising a contest in Heidelberg. Unfortunatly some people forgot different things. Please check the pictures and tell us if there is something that is owned by you.

13th February 2008 - The UT3 Special Edition Is Mine

Since December Unreal Tournament 3 is out in Germany. Today I found a store selling the special edition for a moderate price. Now lets see how long it takes to make my first rocking map.

1st January 2008 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year !!!
... to everyone around the world. Especially in Germany where since today for a period of six month every ISP and Mobile Phone Provider has to store the contact information of everyone who uses the internet or a mobile phone. This is prescribed by the government of the EU.

Yeahh, yeahh ... happy new year.

17th June 2007 - Actually...

... there are no worldshaking news so far. But maybe it is time to indruduce my browsergame Bakanida City for which I'm programming since the end of my degree dissertation.

23rd February 2007 - No Ooops any longer

I recieved my prices from the The Movies' contest.
... finaly.

6th January 2007 - Ooops?!

My machinima Six Eyes won the 3rd Place. can read in the news from 24th April 2006. Unfortunatly I never recieved anything. I addressed this problem in the german game magazine PC Games yesterday. Now I hope someone of the magazine stuff reads my comment.

If something happens I'll let you now.

1st January 2007 - Happy New Year (again)

Happy New Year !!!
... to everyone who visits my page, if there is anyone who visits my page. smile

11. September 2006 - The day that changes the world

Today I finished my degree dissertation at the University of Heidelberg. Thats all I want to say because now I'll have a party. smile

24th April 2006 - 3rd place for Six Eyes

For quite a long time I hadn't heard anything about how my machinima was doing in the 'The Movies' contest. Until today, when I opened my mail box and...

Surprise, surprise !!

My machinima Six Eyes won the 3rd Place.

23th January 2006 - Machinima finished

My little machinima is finished. Click Six Eyes to see my film.

There also is a presentation of the movie. But be aware. This presentation is in German only.

10th January 2006 - Machinima Contest

The german game magazine PC Games has offered some prices for movies made with the game The Movies.

The deadline of the contest is the 21th January. So, be exited to see my work.

1st January 2006 - Happy New Year

Happy New Year !!!
... to everyone who visits my page.

13th December 2005 - Povray

During a workshop at my University I learned to use Povray's scripting language. To have a look at my first attempts you can click the link to the pictures below.

This pin was my first try. Only very simple primitives are used.
For the pen I modeled a little bit more complex structure.

24th October 2005 - Machinima

Some screenshots of my matinee Unreal Confrontation can be seen in a book about Machinima written by Matt Kelland, Dave Morris and Dave LLoyd. It features lots of neat picture of verious machinimas.

The book is an overview of the different videos made with a game engine. Unfortunatly it is not suited for learning how to actually create emational machinima. But it has nice artwork and gives an insight into the machinima community.

Take a short look at that machinima book at or at

11th September 2005 - new design

The design of the new page is ready. Now I can represent myself much better than before. Here I'll inform you about the newest stuff about me, like new maps.

Well, it's just a one man show. So, please don't expect fresh news every minute.

... and always keep smiling while you are killing stupid bots.