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Crytek - Professional Game Development

Even for a pragmatic mathematician working on the CryEngine and the Crysis franchise is like paradise on earth. I got hired as a level designer but due to my strong programming background I switched the design side. The kind of design was different. Nonetheless I felt become a Technical Designer was a great decision.

As level designer I was implementing core gameplay features mainly with the so called FlowGraph. That's a flow chart system to trigger specific game events. Programming new FlowNodes for it or new entities via C++ or LUA was very easy for me. After three month doing a programmers job we changed my contract. The work itself didn't changed but the payment was better. smile

As „real” Technical Designer my job included several things. I was responsible to turn the visions of game designers into something programmable. I was designing the technical side of a game. That means finding out what design pattern to apply, use automated testing, refactor legacy code ... Furthermore giving a virtual object a authentic meaning was also one of my jobs. In a specific case there was a SciFi submarine. The player was able to control it. My job was to design and implement a authentic behaviour of that submarine. Every part of it has a real world meaning even if it will never be build in reality.

Crytek - 3D WebGL Engineer
Crytek - Technical Designer
Crytek - Level Designer

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Excellence Initiative Heidelberg - Web Development

Heidelberg's University is part of the Excellence Initiative of the German state and federal governments. The HGSFP was the first Graduate School in Heidelberg.

The linked websites had to comply with the corporate design of the University of Heidelberg. My major task consisted in the implementation of an easy to use content management interface. Among other things, this included working with languages like PHP and LaTeX, office tools like Adobe Acrobat Professional or Microsoft Office Suit and graphic tools like Photoshop. In addition, the job required proficiency in Linux, web forms, MySQL and session management.

HGSFP - Webprogrammer and Webmaster

Theoretical Chemistry Group Heidelberg - Webmaster of XIX International Symposium on the Jahn-Teller Effect

University of Heidelberg

Research Group Combinatorial Optimization - Scientific Member

Discrete Optimization Research Group - Scientific Member
Discrete Optimization Research Group - University Lecturer