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A practical course teaching C++

Beginning April 2010 the Heidelberg Graduate School of Fundamental Physics (HGSFP) invited me to hold a course to teach their students the programming language C++. The first expectation of about fiveteen students were extraordinary exceeded By a total number of 64 attendees.

Within this tutorial beginning with the fundamentals, I will cover variables, functions, conditions and program flow; interfacing with third-party libraries for saving and restoring data and for rendering 2D and 3D images to the screen (OpenGL). Finally all these elements will be brought together to create a simple physical simulation on a home computer.

Part One: Installing CygWin

The Programming Lesson is focused on students which mainly work with Linux. For that you eighter have Linux installed allready or you follow this small tutorial to have a windows setup after this tutorial.
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Part Two: The Lesson

Following my tutorial is quite easy. I was programming everything infront of the audience and everyone could follow the typings and test it out on their own computer. Even if you could not follow just grap a source in this tutorial it exactly the same we did in the hands on lecture.
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Part Three: Final Source and References

At the course lots of topics were uncovered. It was a very practical hans on approach were the students could learn how to get a simple physics simulation running. This final part gives you the whole source of the course including cloth and spring simulations. Furthermore I compiled a list of links you might interested in.
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