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A practical course teaching C++

Part One: Installing CygWin

The Programming Lesson is focused on students which mainly work with Linux. For that you eighter have Linux installed allready or you follow this small tutorial to have a windows setup after this tutorial.

What is CygWin?

Cygwin is a Linux-like environment command-line interface for Windows. It provides you with native integration of windows applications. Still it is strongly interconnected with windows so you can launch CygWin apps in windows and vice versa. Please visit the official CygWin Website to gain more informations.

How to install CygWin?

Installing CygWin is quite easy. Just head towards and look for the Installing and Updating Cygwin and its Packages chapter. Follow the instructions and don't forget to install the following packages besides the basic ones.

Which packages do I need to follow your course?

Once CygWin is installed you also need some more packages for developing and showing OpenGL programms. You'll need:

If you are finished with that ... Happy Coding. smile

How do I test if installing CygWin went right?

Once you finished installing download the Unzip this file to an arbitrary folder you will find two files:

Inside this folder just execute

and if you installed all the packages you should see one simle line:

If you have problems please check if some packages are missing.

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