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Design by
Jens Schöbel
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Unreal Confrontation - The Lost Set

The Lost Set

I created this level for the matinee Unreal Confrontation. Due to performance issues it was never incorporated into the final version. Originally it was planned to show the level right after Colonel Jake T. Hartman's arrival at the base.

The Hangar

The lost set is a huge hangar and landing base for the spaceships. Big advertising holograms propagandize the „importance “ of the war. In the final version there should have been some trucks driving on two highways and carrying missiles and bombs. Spaceships should fly to the landing posts or get fueled. The hangar should create the impression of a military base in outer space being busy with the preparations for the next battle.

The Decision

The level contains a large amount of lights whose calculation considerably slowed down my system. Of course there are possibilities to improve performance, but since I had to meet the deadline of the contest I finally decided to omit the hangar. This wasn't easy for me, because I loved the idea of showing the hustle of the preparations for battle. On the other hand, without the hangar the movie got that „lonely ranger„ style that better suited Jake T. Hartman. Nevertheless, I really missed that level in the final matinee.


Below you can download the level. But please keep in mind that it is not finished and therefore it is treated by Unreal Tournament 2004 as a deathmatch game. Initially creating the levels as deatchmatch maps provides better possibilities for later adjustments.

The Hangar - (1.82 MB zip)
The Hangar - (1.41 MB 7z)