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Prototyping & Coaching will help your business grow

If you have 100 ideas you can wisely pick the best one. If you only have one idea, how do you know that it is the best?

I'm Jens Schöbel, specialist for game prototyping and Game Development Coach. I believe that every idea you have is worth evaluating.

Interactive Map Prototype

Drag to rotate.

Prototyping ... thats the art of filtering and throwing away bad ideas. At it's core a good game prototype

I've choached more than seventy game projects from companys, students, hobbyists, bachelors projects etc. During these I came to the conclusion that the start of your projects defines how your project continues and how it ends.

I believe that game prototyping is the best way to evaluate your gaming ideas.

The Artipy Project

I love games. I play games, I make games: I founded Artipy, an interactive portfolio for 3D Game Artists. You also can put your models on your own homepage and let others interact with it. I's in early stage development. Try it out below.

If you like artipy Artipy, click like. If you don't tell us why.

I worked at Crytek and finished Crysis 2, the best graphical game at his date.

... and I studied mathematics (M.Sc.) and computer graphics in Heidelberg.

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Enjoy making your game and have a nice day !!

Jens 'JulietteSierra' Schöbel

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